The Porch Sessions: Films of Subversive Laughter by Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann

Publisher: the Work of the People Theological Perspective: Progressive Mainline Target Audience: Established Congregations interested in diving deeper into community relationships Strengths: Longer than most video studeis (11 videos), Theological depth, Perspective from inside and outside of the Church Weaknesses:…read more

Genre: Progressive Mainline
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Faith and Community

The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice A Common Faith by Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

Publisher: the Work of the People Theological Perspective: Neo-Monastic Target Audience: New members interested in historic practices of Christian communities, Churches interested in launching intentional communities or small groups Strengths: Very Accessible, Incarnational, Use of personal story and experience Weaknesses:…read more

Genre: Neo-Monastic
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Communal Practices, Intentional Community

Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It by Adam Hamilton

Publisher: Abingdon Cost: $63.80 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan/UMC Target Audience: UMC congregations interested in Wesley’s context and how it relates to the present Strengths: Strong Wesleyan Focus, Great Historical Content, Adaptable to different size congregations Weaknesses: Less applicable to churches that…read more

Genre: Wesleyan/UMC
Series: Book, Leader Guide, Video Series | Subjects: Connecting 18th century Wesleyan context with 21st century

Economy of Love by Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, Shane Claiborne

Publisher: the Work of the People Theological Perspective: Progressive Post-Mainline/Post-Evangelical Target Audience: Progressive Congregations struggling with how to use resources Strengths: Strong Biblical Foundation, Visually Engaging, Includes Concrete Challenges Weaknesses: Very Progressive (Redistribution of wealth may make more conservative congregations…read more

Genre: Progressive Post-Mainline/Post-Evangelical
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Financial and Relational Stewardship

Different But Not Divided: Practicing a Third Way by Various

Publisher: the Work of the People Theological Perspective: Progressive Evangelical Target Audience: Communities Struggling to embrace difference Strengths: Conversational, Discussion Guide Included, Contextually relevant for RMC (Developed in Broomfield, CO) Weaknesses: Not Mainline/UMC, Some videos are a bit long How…read more

Genre: Progressive Evangelical
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Embracing Diversity

Church: A Community Called for the Future by Bishop C. Andrew Doyle

Publisher: The Work of the People, The Episcopal Church of Texas Theological Perspective: Episcopal/ Mainline Protestant Target Audience: Urban/Suburban Congregations fearing “church death” Strengths: Mainline focus, Timely for current reality in RMC Weaknesses: Not explicitly Wesleyan, Digital (requires access to…read more

Genre: Episcopal/ Mainline Protestant
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Missional Church

A Calling to the Beloved by Doug Hicks, Jean Vanier, Jennifer Haworth, Parker Palmer, Sarah Bessey, William Paul Young

Publisher: The Work of the People Theological Perspective: Various Target Audience: Young Adults / People Entering A New Vocation Strengths: Diverse, Accessible, Open Ended, Conversational Weaknesses: Digital (requires access to AV), No formal curriculum How To Use? 6 Week Video…read more

Genre: Various
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Vocational Discernment