Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt

Publisher: Multinomah Press Cost: $76.78 Theological Perspective: Reformed / Baptist (Traditional) Target Audience: “Comfortable” traditional congregations Strengths: Strong Biblical Foundation, Challenges the status quo from a more traditional viewpoint Weaknesses: Reformed theological perspective (not Wesleyan), Some might find language problematic…read more

Genre: Reformed / Baptist (Traditional)
Series: Curriculum | Subjects: Living A Faith that Challenges “The American Dream”

The Wesleyan Way by Scott Jones

Publisher: Abingdon Cost: $69.97 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan/UMC Target Audience: UMC Congregations interested in developing a Way or Rule of Life Strengths: Each week has a different presenter from a different context, Accessible Weaknesses: Entry level/Not very “deep” theologically How To…read more

Genre: Wesleyan/UMC
Series: Curriculum | Subjects: Discipleship as A Rule/Way of Life

The Leadership Lab by Hank Hillard

Publisher: Upper Room Books Cost: $39.00 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan/UMC Target Audience: Congregations interested in supporting young leaders Strengths: Very Wesleyan, Easy to use Weaknesses: Dated How To Use? 7 week small group study with young leaders from the congregation Link:…read more

Genre: Wesleyan/UMC
Series: Curriculum | Subjects: Youth Leadership Development

Discipleship that Fits: The Five Kinds of Relationships God Uses to Help Us Grow by Alex Absalom, Bobby Harrington

Publisher: Zondervan Cost: $10.92 Theological Perspective: Non-Denominational Evangelical Target Audience: Congregations struggling to understand how relationships connect to discipleship Strengths: Very accessible/easy to read, Biblical support throughout the study Weaknesses: Not Mainline/UMC, Doesn’t exactly line up with WCI Discipleship model…read more

Genre: Non-Denominational Evangelical
Series: Curriculum | Subjects: Relationships