Covenant Discipleship: Christian Formation through Mutual Accountability by David Lowes Watson

Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishing Cost: $24.00 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan/UMC Target Audience: Congregations interested in starting Covenant Discipleship groups in their communities Strengths: Very Wesleyan, Strong ties to the history of the Methodist Movement Weaknesses: Dated, Not Super “Exciting” How…read more

Genre: Wesleyan/UMC
Series: Book | Subjects: Covenant Discipleship

Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship by N. T. Wright

Publisher: Eerdmans Cost: $14.00 Theological Perspective: Neo-Orthodox Target Audience: Established Congregations interested in diving deeper into what the Biblical text says about Discipleship Strengths: Thoroughly Researched and Theologically Sound, Heavy use of the Biblical text Weaknesses: Very Academic, Might be…read more

Genre: Neo-Orthodox
Series: Book | Subjects: Understanding Biblical Portrayals of Discipleship

Adventures in Missing the Point by Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo

Publisher: Zondervan Cost: $16.99 Theological Perspective: Evangelical/Emergent Target Audience: Congregations interested in working through specific issues from a theological lens Strengths: “conversation” between the two authors, Space for difference and disagreement. Discussion Guide at the end of each chapter Weaknesses:…read more

Genre: Evangelical/Emergent
Series: Book | Subjects: Examining Our Embedded Theology

Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Alan and Debra Hirsch

Publisher: Baker Book Press Cost: $12.50 Theological Perspective: Australian Protestant Target Audience: Congregations looking for practical ways of doing discipleship missionally Strengths: Accessible, includes concrete practices and ideas with each section Weaknesses: Written from a context outside of the US,…read more

Genre: Australian Protestant
Series: Book | Subjects: Missional Discipleship

Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom of Love by Mark Scandrette

Publisher: InterVarsity Press Cost: $12.96 Theological Perspective: Progressive Christian Target Audience: Congregations interested in intentional communal spiritual practices Strengths: Includes easily applicable ideas and experiments, Accessible language Weaknesses: Not a ton of “Bible” included in book, Not explicitly Wesleyan, No…read more

Genre: Progressive Christian
Series: Book | Subjects: Discipleship that is Lived together

The Joy of Discipleship: Reflections from Pope Francis on Walking with Christ by Pope Francis

Publisher: Loyola Press Cost: $16.52 Theological Perspective: Roman Catholic Target Audience: Congregations interested in a contemporary RC view of discipleship Strengths: Strong focus on Christian life outside of the Church building, Shift from imposed duty to an outpouring of Joy…read more

Genre: Roman Catholic
Series: Book | Subjects: Joy as a Defining Characteristic of Christians

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Publisher: Touchstone Cost: $10.00 Theological Perspective: European Protestant Target Audience: Congregations interested in historical views of discipleship Strengths: Classic Theological Text, Strong focus on scripture, Lots of companion studies and background info available Weaknesses: Less Accessible for people without theological…read more

Genre: European Protestant
Series: Book | Subjects: Costly Grace, Living One’s Christianity Identity

Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It by Adam Hamilton

Publisher: Abingdon Cost: $63.80 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan/UMC Target Audience: UMC congregations interested in Wesley’s context and how it relates to the present Strengths: Strong Wesleyan Focus, Great Historical Content, Adaptable to different size congregations Weaknesses: Less applicable to churches that…read more

Genre: Wesleyan/UMC
Series: Book, Leader Guide, Video Series | Subjects: Connecting 18th century Wesleyan context with 21st century

Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose Through Intentional Discipleship by Elisa Morgan, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Publisher: Zondervan Cost: $16.99 Theological Perspective: Evangelical (Traditional) Target Audience: Smaller congregations interested in developing one-on-one mentoring relationships Strengths: Focus on Diversity and Inclusion of “Others”, Focus on Christian identity, Connections to business world and Military service Weaknesses: Language and…read more

Genre: Evangelical (Traditional)
Series: Book | Subjects: Mentoring as Intentional Discipleship in Smaller Churches

Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church by Randy Pope

Publisher: Zondervan Cost: $12.20 Theological Perspective: Reformed (Traditional) Target Audience: Individuals interested in a one-on-one discipling relationships and/or mentoring Strengths: Strong focus on missional relationships, Lot’s of practical anecdotes Weaknesses: Reformed (not in line with UMC theologically), Individual-focused How To…read more

Genre: Reformed (Traditional)
Series: Book | Subjects: One-on-one Personal Discipleship