Knowing you neighbor is a critical step for any congregation attempting to intentionally reach into their community with a message of God’s transforming grace. Christians have always been required to translate the good news into a language people in their mission field can understand.  Today, when the mission field is literally just outside our doors, we must strive to better understand our neighbors so that we can better understand how to reach them.

This three session Webinar focuses on using the MissionInsite People View tool to better understand your community and how to reach them. It provides the technical information you need to engage in the Know Your Neighbor small group process, which you may optionally use as a follow-up in your church.  You will receive three copies of the Know Your Neighbor booklet by mail when you register. This webinar is for anyone. If you have used Google Maps, or something similar, to get directions then you can use these tools.

An account to use all the features of MissionInsite is available from your Annual Conference for free to every church. Check with your individual conference on how to sign up.

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Sessions Overview

Session 1: MissionInsite basics. We will cover how to select a geographic region and produce basic reports. We will also discuss Experian Mosaic Groups which is a powerful way to understand who lives in your community.


Session 2: Comparative Insite. Building on week one, we will cover how to upload a list of your congregation members and develop a comparison report between them and the wider community. Your list must be in a specific format basic on the template provided.


Session 3: Neighbor Center. This is the newest feature of MissionInsite and allows you to engage in a whole new way. Through Neighbor Center you can see exactly where people who meet your target audience are located. This allows you to tailor your outreach efforts and even allows you to purchase mailing lists for specific demographics of people.

About MissionInsite People View

The PeopleView System is MissionInsite’s proprietary cloud-based technology platform behind FaithConnect and NPConnect. Designed specifically for church, faith-based and nonprofit leaders, the PeopleView System bridges the gap between data and decisionable information by answering the “where” and “what about” questions about your organization and community.

PeopleView is an easy-to-use, geo-demographic mapping interface built on Google Maps technology. There is no software or hardware for your organization to download or maintain additional licenses to purchase. No specialized training is required. It can be deployed to as many users within the organization as needed.