Churches who want to get serious about reaching new people in the 21st century need 21st century tools. There was a time that modern systems for relationship management, church management, online giving were separate systems and expensive. Not any more!  (Read more in this article)

Your church could…

  • Provide a weekly list of first time givers
  • Provide quarterly giving statements
  • Email specific groups of people
  • Send text messages to all your members
  • Accept giving online and through text
  • Accept online event registrations
  • Electronically check children into the nursery? And print name tags
  • Assign people to follow-up with visitors or shut-ins
  • Track and report on membership and donations

Most importantly, you can do all these things from one integrated system!

Powerful church management tools are now available to congregations of all sizes. Not to may years ago only large congregations with large budgets could afford access to they type of tools now available for small monthly fees to any size church.  Learn how you can use these tools to revitalize stewardship, evangelism, pastoral care, and other critical parts of the local church.

This webinar does not assume a high level of technical proficiency. All finance committees, stewardship committees, church councils, and pastors will get something important out of this webinar. Anyone is welcome to attend, just register below. The webinar will be repeated so you are welcome to sign up for the session that best fits your schedule.

Participants from the Mountain Sky Area will be given the opportunity to apply for a grant that will provide 12 months free service of Breeze CHMS, the premiere cloud based church management system.


Two Times, Same Content

Monday, June 26th @ 6:30pm Mountain Time

Tuesday, June 27th @ 6:30pm Mountain Time