Homebrewed Christianity Guide Series by Various

Publisher: Fortress Press Cost: $110.00 Theological Perspective: Progressive Ecumenical Focus: “guides to everything you ever needed to know about theology and the Christian tradition” Target Audience: Progressive congregations interested in engaging “provocative” discussions around Christian theology Strengths: Diverse voices, Intentionally…read more

Genre: Progressive Ecumenical
Series: Book | Subjects: Theology and the Christian tradition

Different But Not Divided: Practicing a Third Way by Various

Publisher: the Work of the People Theological Perspective: Progressive Evangelical Target Audience: Communities Struggling to embrace difference Strengths: Conversational, Discussion Guide Included, Contextually relevant for RMC (Developed in Broomfield, CO) Weaknesses: Not Mainline/UMC, Some videos are a bit long How…read more

Genre: Progressive Evangelical
Series: Video Series | Subjects: Embracing Diversity

Building Deeper Faith Series (5 Books) by Various

Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House Cost: $44.95 Theological Perspective: Wesleyan (Traditional) Target Audience: Congregations interested in the broader Wesleyan movement, specifically the Holiness Traditions Strengths: Broadens perspective beyond UMC, Solid Biblical Foundations Weaknesses: Not UMC How To Use? Each of the…read more

Genre: Wesleyan (Traditional)
Series: Book | Subjects: Discipleship, Holiness Tradition, Service