With the worship wars rightly behind us, most recognize that there is a place for praise music in almost any church.  Yet the barriers to having quality praise songs for congregational singing can be rather high. You can try to form your own band of course, but if you are a long time traditional congregation the chances that you have a guitar player and drummer just hanging out in the pews is pretty small.  Which is why many congregations have turned to playing songs from YouTube or other video sharing sites.  This works, but the quality can poor at times and the process cumbersome.

Thankfully there are other options. One option that I have used extensively for years is an app for the iPad or iPhone called iSingWorship.  The app provides music, leading vocals, and the words on the screen. When my last church was invited to start a worship service in the Montanan State Women’s Prison iSingWorship was the answer we needed.  When I wanted to add a time of singing to a 30-week Christian education program I was hosting in my home we used the app. When I am leading retreats, sometime in remote locations, I simply bring along my ultra-portable projector and a battery powered speaker and we could sing our hearts out.

The app itself is free and songs will cost you about $3 each. You will also need a CCLI license if you plan to project the words during a worship service, but every church should have that anyway. The company adds new songs often and there is now a mix of modern hits and classic hymns.  The library is far from exhaustive, but it will certainly provide enough variety to get started.

I made a video to walk you through the app.  Links to everything you’ll need are below that. Happy singing!

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